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Believing God for a Revival
Pastor Jeramy  


We are  praying and believing God for a revival in our church. Our prayer is simply this... God have your way in our church! 


God Bless,


Inspire Newsletter

​Pastor Ron Breese

Inspire is a newsletter sent from Pastor Ron Breese the Assistant Overseer of KFI. The purpose of this newsletter is to strengthen and Inspire God's people in their faith.  It tackles topics like Godly Expectation, Never Giving Up, and Standing After You've Done All You Know To Do, Stand.

Message From the Pastor

​Pastor Jeramy  

What a great year we had. It was not with out struggles but we saw God move in an excellent way. God's promises to us were - He would open the windows of heaven for us, Restore what we've lost, and bring breakthrough. This year I believe God will do everything He has promised!


God Bless,


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